283 · Trading Football Dreams for Stock Market Touchdowns

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After a sports injury dashed his NFL dreams, Michael turned to day trading, teaching himself the ropes and overcoming early financial losses with the encouragement of his entrepreneurial mother. His trading strategy evolved over the years, focusing on short-selling highly volatile small-cap stocks after discovering his knack for it in 2021. His discipline, honed from years of football, helps him execute trades like a sniper—waiting patiently for the perfect setup before striking.

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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Introduction and Background
  • 6:15 Learning from long experiences
  • 9:40 How does one pick the OTC stocks to buy?
  • 13:40 Transitioning to the Nasdaq
  • 14:45 Factors he looks at when picking stocks to short
  • 19:45 Meme stocks played
  • 26:40 Keeping his discipline
  • 31:00 Risk management techniques
  • 32:55 Why he went the funded capital route
  • 36:55 Advantages of going the funded capital route
  • 40:35 How to emotionally detach oneself from gains/losses
  • 43:50 Sharing successes with family
  • 45:30 Advice for traders
  • 48:30 What Michael struggles with most
  • 50:50 How to reach Michael

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